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Tortoiseshell Cats – What’s So Special About Them?

Looking for a guide to tell you everything you need to know about Tortoiseshell Cats? We have got you covered! Everything from habits to personality in one place. Discover why this cat is considered to be a lucky charm and why they are mostly feminine. Read on and learn the meaning of ‘tortitude’.

The Tortoiseshell cats are unique by their appearance and personality. People often mistake bread and type with this cat. The Tortoiseshell cat is a type of cat and not a breed thanks to its colorful fur, which is an interesting combination of multiple patterns and colors. Furthermore, domestic and pedigree cats can have this unique fur or coats. They are also usually always female.

Tortoiseshell Cats 101

There is a unique connection between tortoise and cats that is easily seen in Tortoiseshell cats. You may think that Tortoiseshell cats are a new breed, but let us assure you that it’s not the case.

Tortoiseshell cats are just known for the interesting particolored shell of a tortoise. That visual stamp is what got them the name. The most known color combo is a mix of the dark black or different chocolate shades of a shining black, with a marmalade, ginger, orange or red cat. Hair may be long or short.

Therefore, if you are a lover of darker tones and color combos, you will be completely smitten with these cats. And kittens!

Good to know: If you get a kitten, make sure that you learn everything about vaccination.

Regular and typical tortoiseshell colors are seen in a striped (tabby) patters and these cats are known as “torbies.” In addition, tortoiseshell markings are seen in a large number of many different breeds.

On the other hand, Calico cat is a type with piebald type orange, black and white patches.

What makes these cats extraordinary is their attitude. Yes, every cat comes with a unique attitude, but these cats come with a “tortitude”.

It means that the Tortie is a cat with the attitude of her own and unique personality traits. But, bear in mind that every cat comes with a unique personality and that their attitude is a final result of a mix between breed and environment.

These cats are also known as being exceptionally energetic cats.

What is the difference between a calico cat and a tortoiseshell cat?

A calico cat is white with bigger of smaller patches of black and orange. On the other hand, a tortoiseshell cat comes with a coat that features a sequence of brown, black, amber and red patches.

Tortoiseshell Cat Personality

Like for any cat, there are no strict guidelines in handling a Tortie. Every cat is different, meaning that they all are unique. Therefore, we can’t generalize individual traits. Just like humans. We are all unique.

Maybe, just maybe that’s one of the reasons that we love them so much – they remind us of ourselves in some way.

But what makes Tortoiseshell calico cat personality different?

In general, Torties are strong and opinionated creatures, walking every second like they are above everything else. Sounds like any other cat, no?

However, they have a strong tendency to be adventurous, unpredictable, and strong-willed. But, as was mentioned above, this is just a general overview and not entirely true.

You can find these cats all around the world, so the chances are that if you don’t have this feline strong-willed cat, the chances are that you probably know someone who does.

Their uniqueness goes beyond their shade.

Are Tortoiseshell Cats Friendly?

Both calicoes and torties have a strong reputation for being unpredictable and fiery, but, again, it is different from cat to cat. However, most of the tortie owners swear that tortitude is real.

Furthermore, they talk about torties split personality that goes from purring in your lap to racing around the house in a slip of a second. Also, they swear that they wouldn’t want them any other way.

In general, they are like any other cat.

Fun fact: Torties are widely present in folklore.

Torties As a Lucky Charm

If you want to have a lucky charm for every day, you should get a Tortie, if you don’t have one already. They are thought to be a sign of fortune and good luck in general. Many cultures around the world believe that a tortie is a sign of good things to come. In South East Asia some people believe that they are a goddess.

On the other hand, people in England believe that if you rub a wart on the tail of a tortoiseshell cat the wart will completely disappear.

Also, in Japan, these cats are held to keep ghosts away and unwanted spiritual beings.

Next, in the States tortoiseshells are known as “money cats”.

Tortoiseshell cats bring good luck to homes in Scottish and Irish Celtic culture.

Tortoiseshell Cats Weight and Size

There is no specific metrics for these cats. Their weight and size is based on their breed, or furthermore on a combination of breeds. However, domestic mixed breed cats weight around 5.5 to 10 pounds (2.5 to 4.5 kilograms). When it comes to the height, the average height – of a domestic cat, is 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 centimeters).

Due to their variety in breeds, most of these cats have often a weight issue, that affects their size directly. It would be a good thing to check by yourself if your feline friend stays in normal weight ranges.

Quick tip: Feel yours cat body and ribs to check for overweight. If you can’t feel ribs the amount of fat on ribs is high.

Furthermore, an obese cat has a full round shape. Also, a normal cat has a slight tuck below the ribs indicating a waistline, while the overweight cat has no defined waist below the ribs.

If your Calico cat weights more than 9 pounds, you should take concrete steps on feeding your cat differently and have a weight reduction diet.

Are All Tortoiseshell Cats Female?

One of the most interesting traits of these cats is that they are mostly females. Why? Their colors are a result of the genetic mutation within two X chromosomes. Withing this chromosome, certain variants combine to result in specific colors, like in orange, black or red.

Commonly, male cats have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. It is extremely rare for a male cat to have an additional X chromosome.

Furthermore, the XXY combination in humans is known as Klinefelter Syndrome and sometimes it can occur in the animal world as well.

Therefore, Klinefelter Syndrome can result in a male tortoiseshell cat.

Fun fact: This genetic mutation occurs in only 3000 cats.

In addition, in this genotype, males are usually sterile. Female cats have two X chromosomes, so the possibility of a tortie cat in a female feline is simply higher.

How Long Do Tortoiseshell Cats Live?

Life span for both male and female tortoiseshell cats is the same. Most cats reach an average of around, and usually maximum, 14 years.

If you want to extend your feline’s friend life, keep track of its diet, make it nutritional accordingly.

In addition, regulars veterinary checks are a must. Love and affection are something that should be included on a daily base.

3 Crucial Tips For Tortie Owners

Like for any other cat, some things will work better, while others won’t. However, there are a few cat items that will make your life with a tortie easier and a tortitude softer.

  • Mitt brushes – using mitt brush is a great way to easily groom your tortoiseshell cat. You will be surprised how much hair you can remove this way. Make it a daily routine and spare a few minutes for cleaner couches and shining fur.
  • Toys – tortoiseshell’s are cats with high-level energy, so make sure to keep their bodies active. If you can’t make a real cat’s playground, make sure to have toys and different objects available all the time.
  • If you really want a tortie, but you just can’t seem to find one (they are rare after all), visit a local shelter or any humane society if they have tortie available for adoption.

    If so, you will have the honor of experiencing the privilege of being chosen from the cat.

    Many Tortie owners swear that their cats choose them, rather than the other way around.

Tortie Cat In a Nutshell

  1. True Tortoiseshell Cats come with a two-tones color pattern. Usually as a blend of red and black.

    Calico cats are cats with big patches of white. Add a domestic mackerel tabby, and you will get a Torby.

  2. Torties are usually feminine. Males are extremely rare. Colorful coat and interesting color, as well as gender, are the result of genetics.
  3. They bring good luck. Tortoiseshells are a sigh on good luck and fortune.
  4. Tortoiseshell’s are not a breed of their own. Their name refers to the type of coat.

    This specific coat can occur in pedigree cats and domestic ones. In addition, it can occur in shorthaired and longhaired cats.

  5. They come with a lot of personalities. Therefore, they are known as cats with ‘tortitude’. If you manage to find this hidden gem within the cat’s world you will have no trouble at all to come up with a name for your new feline friend.

    Just go for the first name that inspired you by their pattern and color.
    Or, just observe their behavior, and you will get a name-inspiration in no time.

  6. Tortoiseshell cats are awesome to have around due to their live personality and vivid patterns. Identify your tortie. You will have a feline that’s independent and full of love.

    So, get ready for some purrfect moments!