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Ragamuffin Cat Breed – History And Personality Traits

The Ragamuffin is a domestic cat often confused with the famous Ragdoll breed. Although these two breeds share some history, they are two separate breeds. Discover the playful Ragamuffin cat and read on.

The Ragamuffin cat is one of the youngest cat breeds in the world. This domestic cat is a variant of the Ragdoll cat and was established as a separate cat breed in 1994.

The Ragamuffin is known for its appearance, personality and thick, kind of rabbit-like fur.

Ragamuffin Cat History

We don’t know too much about the development of this breed although this is a relatively young breed. However, what we do know is that Ragamuffin was probably created by Ragdoll breeders. Those breeders probably wanted to add additional colors and patterns to exciting longhaired breeds, such as Persians, Turkish Angoras, and many other domestic cats.

So, if you ever wondering if there is any connection between Ragdoll and Ragamuffin, the answer is yes. Some breeders just wanted to introduce new colors and patterns in their cats and therefore widen the breed’s gene pool.

Ragdolls’ breeder and founder, Ann Baker, strictly monitored the breeding and suggested creating a new breed. That’s how Ragamuffin was born. Initially, the name Ragamuffin was chosen in a part as an homage to the founding breed.

The Ragamuffin is recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association, the American Association of Cat Enthusiasts, the Cat Fanciers Association and the Cat Fanciers Federation.

Ragamuffin Cat Physical Appearance

The Ragamuffin is a medium-sized cat, although she seems much larger. The reason for this is her coat which is so rich in a volume that makes her significantly larger than she actually is. Even her face seems larger than it actually is.

The Ragamuffin has a weel-balanced posture and a well-built body. This cat has strong legs, so running and jumping high is expected. When it comes to their coat, it can be seen in different patterns and colors.

Some may appear the same as those of the ragdoll. However, the Ragamuffin will almost always have a specific color point patterns with a light body color with darker color on ears, mask, and on the extremities. Their coat may also vary, from long to semi-long. Overall, their coat is silky, soft, and plush.

Males are always bigger than females. Females usually weigh 10 to 15 pounds, while males weigh more than 20 pounds.

The Ragamuffins are fully mature once they reach four years of age. In general, this breed has a long life expectancy.

Ragamuffin Cat Personality

The Ragamuffin is a true nice cat, that gets along nicely with each family member. However, they are not fond of holding, so avoid picking her up. Surprisingly, your Ragamuffin will be more than fine is you have to move. They don’t make to much stress about moving around, They are actually kind of adventurous. She will prefer indoors than outdoors, so she is an ideal companion for those in apartments.

Moreover, their personality is so sweet and unique that you won’t be able to understand how sweet they actually are until you spend some time with them. Over time, you would begin to understand how this cat is different than any other breed. Simply said, once you get to know her, you will be hooked on the breed forever.

The Ragamuffin is so friendly that they get along perfectly both with children and other pets. Don’t be surprised if you see your Ragamuffin having a tea party with children. Actually, if you ever see a cat in baby strollers, you are probably seeing the Ragamuffin. For a cat, they are surprisingly eager to please.

Some Ragamuffin owners even reported that they can learn tricks. They are also a great addition if you live alone. As long as they are with their human they will get along just nicely.

Living With Ragamuffin Cat

The Ragamuffin is a great cat to live with. Just like any other breed she will be prone to self-grooming and maintaining her space clean. She will love to spend her time with you and even be active with children.

Make sure that you provide enough space for her to rest and play. Keeping your Ragamuffin mentally stimulated is a great way to keep her happy. Her coat is easier to maintain than it seems.

Just brush her daily and have a good vacuum on hand and you won’t have any problems. Make sure that you provide proper nutrition. In addition, keep her active.

The Ragamuffin tends to have a fatty pad on the lower abdomen. Make sure that she is active and far from obesity.

Provide enough toys around your Ragamuffin to keep her entertained and active. After all, this is an active cat.

Ragamuffin With Children And Other Pets

As mentioned earlier Ragamuffin is great when it comes to living with children. As an even-tempered and calm cat, Ragamuffin is an ideal family cat. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to educate your children on how to behave around Ragamuffin.

Your lovely Ragamuffin will adore every second playing, playing fetch and learning tricks. Surprisingly, your Ragamuffin energy level is high, meaning that this cat hs more energy than children do.

Always teach children how to behave around the cat and to respect her space and boundaries (no sudden grabbing or pulling ears and so on).
When it comes to other pets, Ragamuffin will get along just nicely. Moreover, your Ragamuffin will get along just nicely with dogs, birds, other cats, rodents, and even lizards. Everyone is Ragamuffin’s friend. Still, it would be wise to first introduce pets to each other and take a step by step, juts to ensure that they learn to get along together.

How To Groom Your Ragamuffin

You will have to invest a few minutes per day to groom your Ragamuffin. This breed has a medium to medium-long coat with a silky and soft texture. Their hair usually stays straight and doesn’t tangle or mat. Therefore, Ragamuffin’s coat is easy to groom.

Use a stainless steel comb to groom her coat minimum once to twice a week. You can expect to shed like in all cats. Regular grooming applies to ear cleaning and regular nail trimming. Nails should be trimmed every 10 to 14 days, so twice a month on average. You can do this on your own. Make sure that her teeth are healthy, as cats are prone to periodontal disease.

You can look at your Ragamuffin like a feline bear. This is how people usually see this breed because of their rich coat. Although they come in many colors, a few people actually know that Ragamuffin is always born white, and later on, develops their color patters or color. This is rare in cats – your Ragamuffin will always be a big surprise in terms of appearance. During the grooming sessions, you should put extra attention to the neck area. Her coat is denser there.

Ragamuffin Cat Health

Cats, just like any other animals, may have genetic problems. In general, Ragamuffin is considered to be a healthy breed, but you should always check with the breeder about the possible health problems and what testing has been done. This should go without mentioning it, but you should know when to take your cat for vaccination and how to deal with fleas (just in case).

Your Ragamuffin has a Persian ancestry so you should double-check anything related to polycystic kidney disease.

Bear in mind that during life your Ragamuffin can develop HCM – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is actually commonly seen in cats. HCM is a form of heart disease, that causes thickening (hypertrophy) of the heart muscle. This is a serious condition, and all cats with this condition should be removed from the breeding program That’s just one of the reasons why you should insist on health papers and documentation from breeders.

A quick tip: Always ask the breeder to show you the papers of all the tests.

Ragamuffin Cat – Conclusion

One of the youngest cats breeds ion the world is wonderful Ragamuffin. People often confuse Ragamuffin for Ragdoll, although these are two completely different breeds. They share history, but since 1991, they are two – officially, separated breeds. Still, they may be related in appearance and temperament.

The Ragamuffin is a large and affectionate cat that will easily bond with other pets, including birds, and children. Make sure that you provide proper nutrition, healthy surrounding, and enough playtime and you will have a feline truly loving you.