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How To Keep Your Cat Safe And Calm During Fireworks

Cats are not fans of loud and sudden noises. Moreover, they can become anxious. So, the fireworks season can be a tough time for our feline friends. So, if you want to keep your feline calm during fireworks nights, make sure to learn how to protect her. Read on and discover.

Although you may be true fireworks fan, for your feline the case is usually completely opposite. Felines, just like dogs, don’t look at fireworks like you do. For them, the firework is not visual sensation or a holiday treat. For felines, the firework is something that triggers fear and anxiety. Therefore, many felines go through difficult times and anxiety crisis because of it.

Fireworks Anxiety Cats

Felines may seem fearless and peaceful all the time, but the truth is that they are delicate creatures that can go through a lot of pain and anxiety when faces against something that they are not familiar with, or don’t see it, like thunderstorms and fireworks.

That being said, we can presume that the 4th of July is probably a cat’s least favorite holiday. We can go a step further and say that days before the 4th of July are not as cheerfuller for felines as they are to us. In most cases, it simply means extending the stress for cats beyond one single day.

There are some treats that make felines superb beings, like their super-hearing. Overall, cats are known for being able to hear from long distance, as their sense of hearing is much more acute than ours. So, just imagine how strong firework sound is for them.

Why Are Cats Feared Of Fireworks?

As we mentioned above, felines have an excellent sense of hearing. In addition, they have an exceptional sense of smell as well. Long story short, loud and extremely sudden noises, in addition to strange smells, make felines stressed and extremely anxious.

That being said, the holiday season is a tough time for felines. When people think about animals being scared and shaking due to fireworks they usually envision dogs running along the street scared or simply sitting in a corner with a shaking body.

Simply said, people don’t see cats running scared during the New Year’s, Memorial Day, or Fourth of July, and the reason for it lies in the fact that once the feline is scared she hides and remains hidden until she decides that’s safe to show herself. Also, if you see your cat hiding under blankets, or whimpering and running around, the chances are that your feline in going through anxiety behavior.

Also, if a firework is a common situation where you live, you may want to take the time to help her get used to the sound so they don’t scare her anymore. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to help your feline to stay calm when it comes to loud holiday days.

Fast fact: July 5th is the busiest day at the shelters. The number of cats and dogs who have run out of their homes in fear or become disoriented is more than double after the 4th of July.

How To Prep Your Feline For 4th Of July Fireworks?

Summer celebrations mean anxiety and stress for felines. Therefore, you should be prepared for those days and try to help your kitty as much as possible. Moreover, you should follow these steps if you want to enjoy fireworks knowing that your feline is safe and won’t run away.

Also, there are things that you should do before the firework season begins and things that should be done during fireworks season, or night. Remember, each step has its own logic and it will contribute calmness in your cat.

Things To Do Before Fireworks Season Begins

1. Microchip Your Feline

Microchipping your feline can be done fast and at your veterinarian. This should be done on the first day your kitty becomes your family member. So, it should be done before the fireworks season begins. If you already had your feline microchipped, check if your contact details are up to date. This is the best and the fastest way to reunite with your feline if you go separate ways.

2. Help Her Get Used To The Sounds

Try to help your feline during the whole year to prepare for the holiday season. Simply said, make sure that your feline gets used to the sounds, to experience them as a normal occurrence. The most effective way to do so is to play recorded thunder or fireworks at a low volume and in short intervals. Make sure that you track the cat’s behavior when you start with this process.

Also, bear in mind that this process is a long one and requires a huge amount of patience. But, this will bring results and your cat will be much more comfortable with strong, sudden and unpleasant sounds, including storms and fireworks. Therefore, investing your time and patience into this project is valuable.

3. Be Ready For The Firework Night

Make sure that you have all necessities ready and in one place, meaning that you have a spare room for her to hide, fresh water, a bowl of favorite food and snacks, and even a crate if your cat loves to hide there when she is scared, or simply when she needs an alone time.

Things To Do When Fireworks Begin

1. Create A Safe Place

Offering your kitten a safe place, or room is always a great ides. So, if you have a room in your house where the noise is the least noticeable, you may want to make that room a ‘safe room’ during the holiday season. Moreover, make that room a feline’s ‘cave’.

Put food, water, toys, beds, and any additional cat equipment, like scratchers or cat trees in the room. You may also want to leave a TV on or radio to play calming voices or soft music, and block out some of the noise.

In addition, you can create the famous ‘igloo style bad’ for felines. Or, if your cat spends a lot of time in specific areas or blankets, toys or similar, you may want to put those items in her ‘safe area’. She will appreciate it.

Last, but not least, make sure that you provide her a litter tray. You don’t want to have any additional accidents.

2. Close All Windows And Doors

Make sure that your cat is really safe, meaning that she can’t jump outside at any moment. Therefore, close curtains and blinds before the firework begin. By doing so you will help buffer the sound a tiny bit, and if nothing else your cat won’t see confusing flashes of light. In addition, double check it if all windows and doors are closed.

This is extremely important during hot weather and summer night when it’s hot – people leave windows open and cats can escape in a panic. In addition, even slightly open window will allow to much noise in together with the smell of the fireworks, that can be very disturbing for felines. And you know that cats have an extremely sensitive sense of smell.

3. Remain Calm

Having an urge to protect your feline is understandable, but cats are known for being able to pick up our emotions. So, just imagine how upset they can be they pick up your anxiety.

Make sure to be around and that your feline knows that you are there for her, but don’t overdo it. After all, if you are anxious your cat will be anxious as well. Don’t try to force cuddling, and always speak to her in a cheerful and calm voice.

4. Have Natural Calming Remedies Set

If you know that your cat is anxious and that she suffers during the holiday season, you can think about additional help, like natural remedies. There remedies that can help you calm your feline without hurting her.

Make sure that you talk with your veterinarian about the right natural and calming remedy. These remedies can also be used if your feline gets scared during the stormy nights.

5. Think About Medication

If you feel like anxiety in your cat is too strong you may want to talk with your veterinarian about introducing medication to your feline. Remember, your veterinarian is the only person that can prescribe anti-anxiety medication.

Although each feline is unique, they may react similarly when they are stressed or even happy. That being said, there are some general guidelines that may help ease the anxiety issue.

So, proper preparation is one of the crucial things that can ease your cat’s suffering and anxiety. And preparing ahead of time is the key. Anxiety in an animal is a serious issue, and anxiety in cats is a major issue.

So, make sure that you do everything in your power to make celebration time easy on your cat as well. Or at least, enjoyable as possible. Utilize the tricks and tips mentioned above and create a truly stress-free season.

Common Symptoms Of Anxiety In Cats

In general, people know that cats are anxious during the firework season, but what they are missing in most cases is the fact that cats can show anxiety symptoms during the other days of the year. However, they are missing on noticing and reading the anxiety signals. So, if you are thinking that your furry feline in going through anxiety crisis, there are signs to look out for so you can help kitty calm.

  1. She hides most of the time – if your cat is just playing around she will hide and come out frequently. However, if she spends most of her time hiding, that should a sign of anxious cat.
  2. Feline is extra aggressive – cats are known for being feisty, but if she shows more aggressive behavior it’s a clear sign that something is happening with your kitty. If she shows frustrations in an aggressive way, the chances are that she is trying to tell you that she is not happy.
  3. She meows a lot – cats can be extremely vocal and each cat sound has a specific meaning. In most cases, its a sign of trouble and your kitty is trying to tell you something.
  4. Feline can’t stop grooming – feline’s are known for being clean and having high standards when it comes to their grooming. So, if you noticed that your feline is over-grooming herself, especially some parts of her body, you should take her to your vet for a check-up.
  5. Cat won’t use her litter box – just like when she refuses her food, skipping on a regular litter box visits is a sign that your cat is trying to tell you something. Do you have regular parasites cleaning? If yes, and she is till messing with her litter box, contact the veterinarian.
  6. She is trembling – cats’ are not fans of trembling. Therefore, if your cat becomes fearful to the point that she trembles on a regular basis, it just might be the time to consider the reasons behind it. Make her a safe place, so she can relax and feel safe. Moreover, if the trembling continues, talk to your veterinarian.
  7. Your cat follows you everywhere – cats can suffer from separation anxiety, just like dogs So, if she starts following you everywhere the anxiety may be behind this behavior. They may simply attach to you more when they are anxious.
  8. Her eating habits are not the same – if your cat eats all the time, she could be suffering from anxiety. But, before you decide that this is the case make sure to rule out any other medical problems first.
  9. Your cat is over active – cats are known for spending most of their time sleeping, so if you notice that your cat spends more time awake than asleep you should follow her behavior to see if she might be suffering from anxiety. This one works just like with humans. When a person is stressing the chances are that he will move around, be active and restless. Therefore, the cats can manifest similar or the same behavior.
  10. She seems sad – if your cat seems to lethargic something is wrong. In general, cats love interacting with their humans and playing, especially when they are super adorable kittens. So, if she spends too much of her time quietly sitting, your kitty might be anxious.
  11. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs you should track her behavior and contact your veterinarian and make sure to do anything that’s in your power to help your kitty stay healthy and calm. If they can go through all of this any day of the year, just imagine how strong their fears and anxiety can be when they are exposed to strong and unpleasant sounds of firework.

    Fireworks Anxiety Cats – Key Takeaways

    Being a responsible pet owner means that you should take care of your kitty the whole year and additionally during the holiday days. And if you notice that your cat is not a fan of thunderstorms the chances are that she will be more than frighten during the fireworks.

    So, make sure to do everything that is in your power to ease your kitty fireworks anxiety. She will be more than grateful.