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Can Cats Eat Apples?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! At least in the case of humans. But what about cats? Can cats eat apples? Let’s dive in.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! At least in the case of humans. Too many, apples are ultimate fruit. They are filled with health benefits and various nutrients for humans. People can benefit from eating apples in many ways.

By eating apples on a regular basis, people ingest fiber, flavonoids, and antioxidants. In some cases, apples can reduce the risk of developing cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and even heart disease.

But, does the same principle can be used when it comes to fluffy felines? Let’s discover!

Can Cats Eat Apples?

Long story short, yes. However, there are some caveats.

So… Apples Are Safe For Cats?

Since apples are safe for cats, you shouldn’t be afraid if your feline takes a bite of this delicious fruit. However, there is a special way of how apples should be served to cats. After all, they have to be prepared properly before cats can eat them.

In general, ASPCA categories apples as toxic to cats. So, how it’s safe for them? The thing is that specific parts of apples are dangerous to cats, such as stems, leaves, and seeds inside the apple (just at the seeds inside the grape is lethal to dogs).

So, make sure that leaves, stems, and seeds inside the apple. Cyanide is found in apple seeds, and as you probably know already, cyanide is a dangerous poison.

Needless to say, how many problems your cat would face if she would ingest the cyanide. But, if your cat does put out her meetens on leaves, seeds, or any stems you should immediately consult your veterinarian.

Now, when you understand the pro’s and cons of feeding your cat with apples, let’s see how should you serve and prepare apples

How To Prepare Apple For My Cat

One important thing that you should understand about cats and apples is that cats are not fans of apples. It’s highly unlikely for them to even come close to this colorful fruit.

Maybe just to push them off the table and to play with them. Still, if your feline displays an interest in eating an apple, this what you should know:

  • never serve your can something that you wouldn’t eat yourself
  • never serve fermented apples
  • never give your feline an apple with seeds in it

How To Serve Apple For My Cat

As you know so far the first step is to remove leaves, seeds and stems from the apple. Of course, double wash it. Don’t forget: never serve your cat something that you wouldn’t serve yourself.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to know what foods shouldn’t be served to cats. Therefore, double washing is mandatory, since many orchards use pesticides ion their cultivation process.

Needless to say, just how much these pesticides are dangerous for your pet. Also, moderation is the key when it comes to serving apples to your cat.

You can serve apples by simply sprinkling a few small pieces on top of their food. This is a safe way to introduce apple to your cat. In addition, small pieces are more manageable for cats to eat. Don’t forget that choking is one of the most common hazards in domestic cats.

A quick tip: you can make mash apples and mix them with regular cat food.

Always peel the skin off. Don’t think that just becuase the apple is organic, that it is easier to digest, or safer. Organic fruit is still treated with natural pesticides and fungicides. In most cases, they are not safe for consumption.

Serving Apples To Cats – Concerns

As mentioned earlier, some parts of the apple are just bad. Therefore, you should always keep those parts away from your feline. Also, if you notice that your cat spends too much time in her litter box, after eating apples, she might need additional fiber. That being said, vitamin C will help her stay healthy.

Felines need calcium for strong bones and teeth. Also, the good thing about apples is that they contain phytonutrients that balance blood sugar.

1. Apple Seeds

The main reason why you should always remove apple seeds from the apple is because they are choking hazards. On top of that, they get stuck in teeth easily. And of course, there is hydrogen cyanide.

Cyanide, even in the smallest doses can be harmful in humans and can play havoc on a cat’s delicate system.

2. Apple Sugar

Apples should be served to cats only in moderation. If you could add vitamin C and more fiber, they will love it more. But, back to sugar…

Cats don’t need sugar and they don’t want sugar. Moreover, apples are lacking vitamin B which they can get from a different source.

Fast fact: a 242-gram apple has 126 calories, so in terms of just calories, your cat should eat the entire one to reach its daily calorie intake level.

3. Rotten Fruit

Nothing beats fresh fruit. So, if you are serving your cat apple,s make sure that they are fresh. Never serve your feline a rotten apple. Cats are extremely sensitive to rotten fruit. More than humans are.

In most cases, rotten fruit will lead to diarrhea and other stomach problems.

Fermented apples are especially dangerous because they can send a cat into an alcohol-fueled come. To avoid any problems, just keep your cat away from them.

What About Applesauce?

It’s not recommended to serve applesauce to your cat. People believe that serving the applesauce is the same as serving to mash or pureeing a solid apple, but that’s just not the truth. In most cases, commercial applesauce is full of chemicals, preservatives, and it’s usually artificial.

Any trait can harm your cat. But, what should you do if a feline still ingests applesauce? In that case, you might expect a bad reaction. Furthermore, if your cat experiences diarrhea or vomiting, reach out to your veterinarian.

If your cat experience diarrhea or vomiting after eating an apple in its war form, also contact the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Can Cats Eat Apples – Key Takeaways

Apples are fine to serve to your cat, as well as prepare them and serve properly. Remove stems, leaves, and seeds. Furthermore, always serve apples to your cat in small portions and in small pieces.

If you have any questions or concerns about feeding your cat with some fresh apples, talk with your veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can Cats Eat Apples

1. Are Apples Okay For Cats To Eat?

As long as you remove the leaves, stems, and seeds from the apple, this fruit is safe for your feline. As mentioned in the article above these parts contain cyanide which is dangerous both for humans and cats.

2. Is It OK For Cats To Eat Fruit?

Cats are fruit lovers in general. They lack receptors for sweetness, so basically you can put the sweetest fruit or food in front of them, and they will probably ignore it. However, if your cat likes fruit, such as apples, which is safe for them you can let her have a bite here and then. The key is moderation.

Also, never give the fruit that can be toxic to her, such as grapes, or avocado. In general, when you want to treat your cat with something ‘sweet’ make sure that you give her specially designed cat traits. Also, domestic animals, such as cats and dogs should have a maximum of 10 percent daily calories.

3. Can Cats Eat Apples And Bananas?

Fruit such as bananas and apples are an important part of a well balanced and healhty human diet. However, when it comes to cats, can they eat them? The short answer is yes. Cats can eat apples in small amounts and in small chunks. Of course, the fruit should be washed and parts such as seeds, stems, and leaves should be removed.

4. Can Cats Eat Apple Pie?

An extremely small bite, probably wouldn’t hurt your cat. However, keep your cat away from human food with fruit and additional sugar. Philosophy with sweets and desserts is simple: pets get pet dessert, just like humans get human desserts.

5. Common Human Food Poisonous To Cats

The most popular human food that can create a significant disturbance in your cat, and even cause death. So, the food and drinks that should be avoided by any cause are:

  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Raw eggs
  • Raw fish
  • Grapes
  • Rasisins
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Xylitol in any form