Why Do Cats Sit On You? 7 Reasons Why

Cats are known for having strange behavior. They are active after midnight, and on top of that, they love to sleep on humans. If you want to see why they are doing this, check this article.

Puring, grooming, rolling, meowing, or sitting on you, that’s just what cats do. Since there is a good reason why they do whatever they do, we can’t blame them.

After all, if your cat wants to show you affection, you wouldn’t dare to stop her from doing so, right? Let’s debunk the mystery behind why cats love to sit on you.

Why Do Cats Sit On You?

If you or a person close to you have a cat then you have probably noticed that cats have some weird behaviors that only seem logical and normal to them. Simply said, cats do a lot of weird things.

Weird from our perspective at least. One of those ‘weird’, yet adorable things is they need to sit on you. Moreover, it isn’t strange to see them sleeping on top of their humans. But, why do they do that? There are many reasons for this need, and we will list them below.

1. Why Do Cats Sit On You? They Love Warm Places And Warm Humans

Cats love warm places, so if they can snuggle in your lap and create a warm place, they will do so. If you are calm and your cat suddenly jumps in your lap, don’t push her away.

She is just searching for the warmest place in her home.

Cats are known for loving to rest in warm places. Have you noticed how much felines love to snuggle their heads toward their bodies when they sit in your lap? That’s because their faces are the most sensitive, and they will look for additional warmth that way.

Moreover, cats are always in need of seeing external heat sources. Why? This way their bodies won’t have to work more to provide the necessary warmth. Since your head is the warmest place don’t be surprised when you wake up with a cat on your head.

2. Why Do Cats Sit On You? Because Of Your Clothes

Have you ever saw a cat coming to you when you wear a plastic raincoat? Probably not. You won’t ever see a cat coming to cuddle or to sit on you when you are wearing clothes that are not comfy.

But, if you ever put a bathrobe on, you will see your feline jumping to you in so time. So, if you want your cat to spend time in your lap, make sure that you wear cozy and warm clothes, from natural materials.

3. Why Do Cats Sit On You? They Feel Safe

Everyone loves and needs security, right? Well, felines are no exception.

When your cat is in need of a safe and warm place to sleep, she will come and roll in your lap. Or sit on you. Also, this is a good way for your cat to keep you secured from any potential predator.

4. Why Do Cats Sit On You? Your Feline Loves You

Yes, your cat actually loves you, believe it or not. People have the wrong perception of the cat’s love. They think that their cats don’t love them or care for them enough.

However, this is a common misconception, because cats are very fond of demonstrating love. You just have to learn to read their body language and that will enable better cat understanding.

So, next time when your cat sits on you, she just might miss you.

If you spend the majority of your day working, especially nights, your feline will come and ask for some extra love. She will either come to your bed or climb on top of you. Why? She loves you.

5. Why Do Cats Sit On You? To Show That They Trust You

When cats sit on your lap they are actually showing that they care deeply for you. If your cat comes to your lap freely, you should let her leave freely as well. Don’t grab her and forbid her from leaving your lap.

It’s important for cats to have the freedom to go and return to their favorite place as they like. With cats, everything has to be about the choice.

So, if they leave when they want to and can come back when they want it, they will become more trusting of you.

6. Why Do Cats Sit On You? They Want Connection

Since cats can’t communicate with us with human language or any other language that we can understand. they will find a way to show us that they crave connection. Therefore, body language will be used often, next to cat sounds.

Cats love spending time with their favorite people, and they will seek connection if they don’t get it. Sometimes cat simply asks for petting, and she will just jump into your la and wait for moments of love.

Petting reminds them of their mom’s grooming, so if she demands to pet from you she might see you as her favorite human.

This is one of the main reasons why veterinarians and feline experts insist on regular feeling grooming.

This is a great way to connect with your feline. Moreover, this will keep your rugs and other places on the home hair-free.

7. Why Do Cats Sit On You? They Want To Chill In Comfortable Place

Since cats tend to sleep over 10 hours a day, they are always looking for comfortable, safe, and non-moving if possible place, to spend those hours.

For some, it can be a sofa, for other tall cat trees, while in most cases they will want to spend hours and hours being loved just right in your lap.

So, the cat can see you like a cozy and loving bed. Ever saw a cat hiding under the blankets? That’s their way to have some moments of peace and snooze in a warm and quiet place.

So, when your cat starts ‘walking’ on your stomach, she is making her bad extra soft.


Don’t forget that cats are territorial creatures, so they will often want to mark their favorite people. This way they will put their sense on you, although only they can feel it, and make you off-limits fro other cats.

They love to make it clear that their favorite people are only theirs.

Cat sitting on you should be seen as a clear indication of her trust because your feline sees you as the safest place on Earth.

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