Find The Best Cat Sitter In Only Three Steps

Finding the right cat sitter can be time-consuming if you don't know how to search. Read on to discover how to find the cat sitter in only three steps.

Cats are independents creatures. They prefer solitude and their own corner where they can enjoy some calm and quiet moments. Still, the need for silence doesn’t mean that they don’t need love, emotional, or even physical support.

Moreover, their need for independence doesn’t mean that they should be ever left alone. After all, they must always have fresh water and dry food on hand.

So, when you have to travel, you need to find someone to take of your feline, right?

As a genuinely responsible cat owner, you don’t get to leave your cat alone and without social support. But, how to know where to search, or how to know for sure if your cat sitter is a reliable person?

If you have a family member or a friend to step in and help with your feline, you are in luck. If you are on your own, here are straightforward guidelines on how to find the perfect cat sitter in a short period of time.

How To Find A Cat Sitter

You need to travel outside the city for a day or a week? Does it grow to a common occurrence? Is fo, you are blessed in so many ways.

But it can’t all be fun if you have a pet to worry about, no? Can you leave you your feline alone for days? Or with a filthy litter box? Yes, you could, but you shouldn’t. Moreover, you should never think about leaving your cat alone for an extended period of time…

As you know already, leaving a pet alone is not an option for the responsible pet owner.

So, what to do and who to trust? Here are your options if you want to have a stress-free cat and a happy feline.

You should have a cat-sitter or someone to check on your cat from time to time. Here are your best options.

1. Family, Friends, and Neighbors

This is your Big Three when it comes to fast help.

This is also the most straightforward option, next to being the most cost-effective. Family and friends are probably already familiar with your feline, and your feline is ok with your family around.

You can also ask your neighbors to jump in and help. Naturally, offer them to pay them for their services. These are people who you trust, and they should always be paid – can you really put a price on trust? These people are those who will take care of your cat as if she was their own.

Depending on your cat, her personality, and her needs (in case that she has special needs), you will need someone who can come to your home two to three times per day to feed your feline, clean the litter box, give her medicine, and play with her.

As a bonus, because they are people close to you, you can ask them to water your plants and take care of some light household chores.

If your feline is really shy, having a familiar person over can only be a plus.

Again, this is a budget-friendly option, because this Big three might do you a favor and care for your car for free, or you will have to pay a minimal amount for their help.

If you have an older neighbor nearby who spends a day alone, this is a win-win situation.

You can ask the neighbor to stay in your home and take care of the cat for money, or (if your feline is ok with it), you can take your cat to a neighbors home.

After all, you should know that older people prefer not to change their surroundings. If your cat is great when it comes to changes to routine, you can bring your cat to your friend’s or family member’s home.

2. Cat Boarding Facilities

Some cats are not fond of changing their home, or any part of their well-established routine. Still, you can’t know if your feline is fine with changes unless you more her.

So, if you are ready up for a challenge, you can try cat boarding facilities.

You can try this before your first big trip. This way, you will know for sure how your cat may react to new surroundings, and if this is a future option or not.

You can always check first at the veterinary clinic if they have this option. These facilities usually have staff responsible for the pets fro about 10 to 12 hours a day.

Pets are usually left alone at night, with everything that they need. In these facilities, cats are generally held separately from dogs, so they aren’t stressed about the smell, sound, or even the sight of the dogs.

Some boarding facilities also have a specially designed cat oasis.

It’s also important to note that fees for these facilities may differ based on the type of facility. In some cases, you can even find a super-fancy boarding facility that might cost you less than a cat sitter.

Still, you shouldn’t rush and book the first free boarding facility appointment because it’s easier, or it will cost you more.

If your cat is not prone to being away from her home, she might go through trauma. In the long run, a trauma in cats can leave your cat cut for life.

Trauma also requires particular therapy and medication, which might cost you more eventually.

3. Hire A Professional Cat Sitter

If you can’t find a family member or a friend to help you, and a boarding facility is not an option, you should think about hiring a professional cat sitter.

Professional cat sitters are usually feline-lovers and people passionate about their job.

They will come to your home several times per day to clean the litter box, feed your cat, change her water, and play with her. Some professional cat sitters can also move in full-time while you are away.

You can also ask them for additional services, such as watering your plants, picking up your mail, or taking the trash out.

Now you are probably asking – how to find a good and reliable cat sitter?

There are many ways, actually. First, start asking people that you know if they can recommend someone, people like your groomer or veterinarian. Ask also your family members, friends, and neighbors.

If you can’t get a personal referral, check social media, and scroll through the pet sitting website. The fee may depend on your area if you have a cat or multiple-cats home if a sitter should only come to your home a few times, or the sitter must move in while you are aways and so on.

Now that you know your options, let’s see what you should prepare before your trip.

Preparing to Go Away

Finding a good and reliable cat sitter doesn’t mean that your work is done.

Before you leave, you must leave straightforward guidelines on how to treat your cat, what are the rules, food practice, and if there are any medications to be served.

Make sure that you write down the name, number, and address of your veterinarian just in case. It can’t harm to leave the info of another cat-person, to jump in if an occasion arises.

Show your sitter where the litter box is, how to clean it, how to fill it, and where food and water bowl are located.

Write down and stick on the fridge, how often you feline eats, what kind of food, and how often dry food should be filled in, and how many times per day you cat east wet food.

If your cat is on a raw food diet, you might talk to your veterinary first and see if it’s safe to lave someone else to feed your cat this way.

It’s also probably the best to tell your cat sitter to avoid giving your cat any human foods.

Although some human foods are fine for felines, you never know if your cat will take an extra bit or not. Further, it can’t harm to print out and stick it to a visible place – human foods that cats shouldn’t eat.

Fast tip: Make sure that your cat is cleaned from parasites and once you come back home, check her coat for fleas and skin for any changes.

The Bottom Line

The pet-sitting industry has grown tremendously in the past years. Such a boom of pet-related services enabled pet owners to have a wide range of choice when it comes to finding the perfect cat sitter, and so on.

Now you can choose to have in-home pet-care service all day long, or only for a few hours a day. With so many options now, you will have to search more to find trustworthy pet-service.

It’s also handy to check with your friends, family, and even neighbors if they are willing to step in. This way, you will have someone reliable and someone familiar to yours.

Your second option can always be finding an older neighbor who could use a bit of company on a daily level, and who could use money.

Last but not least, you can always hire a professional at-sitter.

Make sure that you talk honestly with the potential cat-sitter, to know what you need, and invest time to prepare a quality check-list for your new cat-sitter.

Once you get back home, from your business trip or vacation, make sure that you shower your feline with love.

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