10 Effective Ways To Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy And Entertained

Cats love their humans, regardless of the common belief that they are animals who prefer being alone. They love to have their own quiet time from time to time. So, when you leave your cat alone for hours, she may experience loneliness, separation anxiety, or even trauma. Read on to explore ten easy, economical, and fast ways to keep your cat entertained.

In a perfectly designed world, pets and humans would spend every minute together, both inside the comfortable home and outside. However, at the moment, things are not going that way, so pets and humans must stay separated on a daily basis for some time.

Some pets handle better being left alone for an extended period, while some have difficulties adjusting to ‘being left alone’ situations. This applies to cats and dogs mostly.

Furthermore, they can develop intense anxiety and suffer for a long time. So, to avoid separation anxiety in cats as well, you should keep your cat entertained. Naturally, you need to provide proper nutrition, regular check-ups at the veterinarian’s office, and – of course, a massive amount of love.

Make sure that you surround your feline with adequate material when she is left alone. Your cat will be happy alone if she has something to do. So, let’s see what the ten best ways to keep your feline entertained and happy for hours.

Here are 10 best and easy ways to keep your cat entertained when you are not around.

10. Cardboard Boxes

Cats prefer to keep things simple. Moreover, they tend to displays strange behaviour. At least, that behavior is strange for us. So, one of their unusual behaviors is enormous love toward boxes, and small places, especially cardboard boxes.

They love to play in boxes, so why not make it a regular thing? So, whenever you live your home, leave a cardboard box in the center of the room. As soon as you come home, put it in the regular place.

Cardboard boxes are easy to come by; they pose little risk to your cat and your furniture. Moreover, they can be easily replaced once the box is completely destroyed.

9. Food Puzzles And Toys

Anything food-related is always welcomed. Just like humans and dogs, cats can be easily motivated by food and delicious snacks. So, if your feline is food motivated, then treat based puzzles can be a fun, and even low maintenance way to keep your cat busy, and fed. However, be careful not to overdo with food, because cats are prone to obesity.

That being said, think about the food puzzle. The typical food puzzle is a specially designed sphere that can be laden with cat treats. The laden can be opened only when the cat figures out the correct method, stimulating both the mind and body. If your cat prefers to hunt more, then think about getting a box with plush toys that they can hunt by flipping them out of the box., through holes.

This way, your feline will engage its natural instincts and can keep them playing for hours. Some cats can be faster in solving any mystery, but new products are launched every day, and you will find the perfect toy.

8. Paper And Paper Bags

Again, cats are crazy about simple solutions and simple games. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they love paper bags, as well. They love the crinkling sound of paper, and it’s the ability to change shape.

The bag’s ability to change shape is engaging. It’s also a low cost so that you will love it too.

Be environmentally cautious, and choose the paper bag. Cats can have fun with paper bags. Just like famous cardboard boxes, your cat can pounce in and out and make holes and use them as a watchtower.

Don’t forget to remove handles attached to the paper bag. Handles are a possible choking hazard.

7. Cat Furniture

Your cat is your family members, and like any other family member, your cat needs to have her spot. It may be the highest point in the house or dark corners. This is fine as long as it doesn’t cross your way while dining, for example. Cats are amazing jumpers. Even while they are kittens, they are thinking about reaching that fridge top one day.

Once your cat learns to move freely around the home and jumps, she will reach places that are forbidden, especially when you are not home.

So, to avoid unwanted home disasters or to break a gaze where and there, you should think about the specially designed furniture for cats. Basic car furniture includes:

  • Cat trees
  • Scratching bench
  • Scratching posts

Cat trees are handy is you know that your feline is an active carnivore. This piece of furniture includes a variety of jungle gym, scratching posts, holes, and a host for other features. The idea of cat trees is to keep your cat happy and engaged for hours.

You should be able to find this furniture in any local pet store. Cat furniture can protect human furniture from additional scratching and ultimate destruction.

Even with the most entertaining cat furniture and toys, your cat might still scratch your favorite couch. They love leaving their scent on objects that you use. This is their way of marking the territory.

6. A Room With A View

Cats love to hunt. In the wilderness, they would spend the majority of their time watching over the right space for a high spot. So, they are naturally drawn to the outside world. By viewing the outside world could quickly become a cat’s most loved activity, as long as they have something comfortable to slip in.

So, leave the blinds open in you a balcony, but out protecting nets on it, install a shelf or move a piece of furniture such as a bookshelf close to the window. Make sure that your cat has a good view before you go to work.

5. Have A Cat Sitter Over

If you think that your cat is too alone and that she can’t handle being on her own, follow her baits. If the toys are at the same place where you left them before work, it’s clear that your cat is not interested in the extra fun.

Moreover, if she spends only time in cat furniture when you are around (you can know this by cat hair on it), it’s clear that your cat requires a companion. With that on the mind, think about hiring a cat-sitter for at least 20 minutes a day.

4. Bring In Another Feline

If you tried everything and your feline demonstrates signs of depression, you should think about getting another cat. However, before you step into this realm of having two pets, consider if you can commit to that type of obligation, can you financially handle it, and will you have enough of free time to share the love with your two cats.

If you are sure that having another cat is the perfect solution, then visit a local shelter and ask to meet the cats. You can tell them about your cat’s personality so that they may propose an excellent feline match.

3. Leave The Radio And TV On

Opposite to dogs, cats are more interested in really watching television and following the radio sounds. So leaving a TV or radio on before work, could help.

This is an especially convenient solution for older cats that are not so prone to go all the time. If you choose television, make sure to select videos with birds and mice running around. This should keep them interested for a long time.

2. Skype Your Cat

Why not use all the benefits of the modern world? In the digital era, everything is available and on hand. So, use technology to be with your cat always. Explore the market and find the most suitable product to help you keep an eye on your cat. This way, you can even play with your cat remotely.

1. Have Hiding Places

Make sure that your cat has her places to hide and rest. Cats love to be alone from time to time, so nurture that need with appropriate hiding places. But… Why do cats like to hide anyway?

Cats are predators, and they love to hide and jump out at their pray. Give your cat much needed hiding place bu throwing a towel over your coffee table, or buy a play tunnel, ar use a small cardboard box. Anything can work as long as your cat uses it.

The Bottom Line

To have a healthy cat, you must provide high-quality food and adequate nutrients. To have a happy cat, you must give time to play, cuddle, and demonstrate your love toward your feline.

However, when you don’t have enough time to play with your cat, or when your cat is alone for hours, you need to make sure that your feline is entertained. It will take some time to find an adequate entertainment for your feline to keep her happy.

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