Is My Cat Bored? How to Know and What to Do

Cats who don't have enough mental or physical stimulation become bored. When bored, cats usually because destructive. Here are the most common signs that your cat is bored.

Cats may seem like inactive beings who love to lay around and watch through the window all day long. However, these fluffy beings are far from being one-spot animals.

They are active, love exploring, and could spend all day just outside testing their capabilities and catching something, a bird or a fly, or even lizards if the day is warm.

There are still many discussions if cats should be kept indoors or roaming freely outdoor.

Before you bring these big decisions, you should know that even if your cat looks bored, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t find her time productive; maybe she is just resting.

Also, you should know that ats that spend time outdoors tend to live on average less than three years, while indoor cats can live up to 19 years if they are fed well, vaccinated and loved.

This doesn’t mean that your indoor cat doesn’t require mental stimulation as dogs do.

Yes, dogs go outside, and they run in much stronger intervals, but that doesn’t mean that cats aren’t fans of explosive exercise sessions, training, and overall innovative entertainment.

Signs Your Cat Is Bored

When we are bored, we eat, talk with friends, go outside, go to the cinema, shop online, scroll social media, read, or any other activity that seems fitting at that moment.

With cats, it works a bit differently. What can they do? You may buy your feline thousands of toys, many treats, and expertise cat treats, and your feline still looks bored.

So, what can you do? First of all, you must understand that cats are independent animals with a mind of their own, and spending thousands of dollars on the best toys isn’t a guarantee that your cat will love it as much as you love it.

On the other hand, some cats will be happy by merely having an empty shoebox or a simple shiny ball.

If you want to know if your cat is bored, you shouldn’t focus on her playing tendencies but her behaviors. This doesn’t mean that your cat should be without toys, it merely means that you should find what works for her.

Bored kittens and cats usually live in a boring environment – they aren’t physically and mentally stimulated, and that’s up to you as a cat owner.

Watch your kitten/cat and see what she finds attractive and fun and shape around it. If your cat doesn’t like a small ball of a few dollars, she won’t be interested in a big-size ball that might cost you hundreds.

She might be interested in a bat that stands on a long stick and she could spend hours chasing it; if so you should focus on getting her toys in a similar or identical manner.

5 Signs Your Cat Is Bored

Knowing your cat’s regular behavior can help you know how your feline feels. Cats are great when it comes to hiding their pain. They love to suffer in silence, and they are no strangers to treating their won hurts.

Yet, when they are really in pain they will show you just like they will show when they are bored if you know what to search for. Here are the top five signs that your cat is bored.

1. Over-Grooming

When bored or even stressed, cats tend to focus on repetitive behaviors. Over-grooming is a sign of a bored cat. If you notice that your cat spends an enormous amount of time grooming herself, and chewing or biting her skin, it can result in irritation that will eventually lead to frustrating behavior.

Try to present your cat with some new toys, and if that doesn’t help talk to your veterinarian. Always check for underlying medical problems.

2. Fighting With Other Household Animals

Due to their independent nature, cats aren’t known as friendly animals. Although this is far from the truth, this is their real reputation.

Still, some cats may be more friendly than others, and you can see them playing with other cats, kittens, dogs, and many other pets. They may chase, run together, or play their own version of hide-and-seek.

This is a good type of game, as long as it doesn’t grow into aggressive playtime. If your felines chase aggressively other pets, tries to corner the dog (yes, even if the dog is 15 pounds heavier), or stalking small household pets that suggest that your cat needs a different kind of stimulation and more attention.

Your cat needs mental stimulation that will keep her engaged. Bored cats will annoy and chase other pets.

3. Your Cat Is Lazy

Cats love having a corner for themself. They love peace, silence, and quiet corners to rest. They spend so many hours per day sleeping, that wrongly people may think they are inactive. However, when awake, cats are very active creatures.

Did you know that cats usually spend an average of 15 hours each day napping? Still, if your cat is too calm and inactive she might be bored.

When your cat is awake, she will love to climb, run, and play. If your cat is only moving from the couch to the food bowl, you have to deal with your bored cat.

4. Overeating

Cats are similar to humans when it comes to diet when bored. They will eat more than needed. Obesity is a growing problem input across the States, and this problem leads to a number of more difficult issues that can serious danger cat’s health.

Bored cats may eat and eat because they have nothing else to do. As you may know already, overeating leads to obesity, which further depresses a cat.

Proper diet, physical activity, and mental stimulation will help your cat remain active, fit, and happy.

5. Creating Their Own Version Of Stimulation

Rumor has it that if a cat looks for trouble, she will find it eventually. Bored cats may ut themself in danger due to boredom. They will go to forbidden places just to find some excitement.

Bored cats can create their own entertainment – such as playing will anything on the table, playing with toilet paper rolls, climbing the curtains, or engaging in any other type of strange behavior.

Fighting Boredom in Cats

Being a responsible cat owner means that you feel free to talk with your veterinarian about anything. Regular vaccination and veterinarian check-ups are part of being a good cat owner.

So, as soon as you notice unusual behavior in your cat, they should visit your veterinarian to check for any underlying problems. Once you learn that your cat has no health issues, you need to focus on how to deal with boredom.

Enhance the cat’s environment in the fresh and interactive toys that cats actually like. Talk to a salesperson in a pet shop and see the features of the toy. Provide enough places to climb, scratching posts, and horizontal scratchers.

Cat trees and towers are helpful when it comes to creating an active surrounding. This may take time, but your cat will be forever grateful, healthier, and much happier.

The Bottom Line

As soon as you notice that something is different about your cat you should monitor her behavior for a few days. If possible, have a cat diary, a place where you will write down any of the unusual occurrences. This way you will be able to provide more info to your veterinarian.

Only when your vet has enough information about the proper diagnosis and treatment is possible. If you know that your cat is completely healthy, change your strategy.

See what your cat likes, how active she is during the day, does she enjoys toys that are shinny, or that move a lot?

Test different toys and once you find the right one stick to it,. It will help you enormously and it will keep your cat engaged and active. With the right tools, your feline won’t ever again be bored.

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